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I strive to provide inclusive, individualized, and evidence based care. I strongly encourage and assist birthing people and families to educate themselves about birth options and make choices based on their knowledge and intuition. An essential part of midwifery care is the relationship between midwife and client. I believe that a well-trained and well-equipped home birth midwifery team offers healthy individuals and their families a safe opportunity to give birth in an environment of confidence, relaxation, trust, and security. 

Birthing individuals and their babies should not be separated during their birth. Families should have time to allow the bonding process to unfold. Giving birth in the calm, loving atmosphere of your own home has many advantages. You can work with your body, relaxing and allowing labor to progress at its own pace. The laboring person is in familiar surroundings and has the ability to move around freely, take showers or baths, and to take walks. They maintain support from loved ones as well as continued care from the midwife.

Amherst Homebirth is a gender affirming practice that welcomes LGBTQIA+ patients and non-traditional families. 


Nutrition is a foundational part of fueling your body for birth and for life. By providing nutrition education, I can work with you to optimize your diet and develop positive food habits and routines. I have experience working with a variety of diet including vegetarian, vegan, keto, whole foods, gluten free, and high protein. By understanding the nutritional needs of pregnancy and lactation you can optimize your nutrition to best suit your health and preferences.


Birth Education: I provide an in-depth education for birthing people on the anatomical, physiological, hormonal, and emotional aspects of birth. I strive to build a cooperative relationship with birthing individuals and families, so that they can make informed decisions about their care. 


I am a pre & postnatal fitness coach and an  American Aquanatal Instructor. I offer fitness coaching and custom training. This ranges from yoga and mobility to barbell and strength training. Movement is an important tool in pregnancy and postpartum for overall health, birth preparation, and managing stress or anxiety. The best type of movement during pregnancy will depend on your pre-pregnancy fitness, your pregnancy symptoms, what stage of pregnancy you are in, and what types of movement and exercise you enjoy. 

You can also visit my coaching business at
Be Awesome Be Strong 

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A family shares their decision to have a homebirth

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